Whatsapp in 1963? Yep, ask Airtel

I am waiting for a video to load on Youtube when this advert begins. As is common of me, and probably you too, with Youtube adverts I rarely watch them. In fact, I cant wait for the “compulsory” five seconds to click it away.

I digress.

So, this 2 minute and 11 seconds advert by Airtel, one of Kenya’s telecommunication company,starts off.

It caught my eye.

A commercial that creatively captures the long gone political era— the sixties— through something we can now relate to: Whatsapp.


Now, this probably hooked me because I am an avid reader and lover of history but this advert is something else.

Through a Whatsapp group, Airtel was able to take us through Kenya’s clamour for self-rule through smilies, (black and white) profile pictures, phrases and other quirky Kenyan social media habits.In a conversation that today, would have likely happened.

It alludes to the then fiery politician  James Gichuru who indeed was one of the known leaders of the self-rule discourse from the colonial British masters.

In the advert, James Gichuru a.k.a J_GICHURU63 forms a group KANU_JUU in 1961, the then political party and goes ahead to change the group icon to a cockerel, the symbol of the Kenya African National Union (KANU) party and even adds T_Mboya (Tom Mboya, a powerful trade unionist). Shortly, he adds the BRITISH SETTLERS alongside the Kapenguria_6, some journalists and other leaders.

All along the background music feels like something you would hear in the 60’s movies but the all familiar Whatsapp notification beeps brings you back to the smart phone era. Genius.

The political science/history bulb in my head (and in my now excited heart) sparks and lights up.

This is too cool.

Then the smilies come through:

aitel 2

The chats continue into April 1961  where Jomo_1963 (Kenya’s first president Jomo Kenyatta) joins the group saying “Guys we need to work with the BRITISH SETTLERS. We need to shut that drama down..”

All this while the British settlers are “hanging in the background staring at the chat.”


Then Kapenguria_6 shares pictures of the cell Mzee Jomo Kenyatta was held in.

And what does Jomo_1963 say: “Guys, I AM SO OUT! You know… #StraightOuttaJail manenoz..” with a promise of a “selfie” soon.


Then Airtel steps in to remind us what (and why) we are going through the historical journey.

Jomo_1963 needs some Sh10 to “buy what I need as soon as I’m out of here”

And the trade unionist, T_Mboya in reassurance says: “We got you!Sending you cash via Airtel Money!”

How cool is that!

Now, while I am a Safaricom subscriber, I cant help but think how quickly the Airtel chaps brought me to their side in those simple two minutes. In those few minutes, I forget about Mpesa and think of Airtel Money.

My word!

June 1, 1963, the whatsapp group goes into celebration: Jomo_1963 is free.

What happens to the BRITISH SETTLERS you ask?




Illustrator Creates A Cute Animated Résumé To Get A Job With Google – DesignTAXI.com

Australian illustrator and animator Lisa Vertudaches wanted to apply for a full-time position as a Google Doodler in Los Angeles, and figured that she will “need something pretty impressive to get their attention”. So, she put together a fun animated résumé that showcases her drawing and animating skills—the cute video is filled with cute animal characters and other “weird and wonderful creatures”. Unfortunately, Google never watched this animation and the position was closed subsequently—however, we still hope that other potential employers would see this creative résumé and hire her. Watch her animated application below—would you do something like this of your own résumé? via Illustrator Creates A Cute Animated Résumé To Get A Job With Google – DesignTAXI.com.

The Beer speaks for itself…

Imagine going to the supermarket, and lo and behold, you are torn over what brand to pick for say, tomato sauce, rice or even sugar. Now, imagine if the products, sitting on the shelves in the aisle start speaking to you…to check them out and buy them!

This is what this brand of beer did.

Shock Top: 6-Pack – YouTube.



Second Hand Smokers…


Smoking Kills. This is a message many have heard and to some it has become passive. Indeed, according the Global Adult Tobacco Survey findings show that 1.7 million Kenyan adults smoke tobacco and 3.1 million others are exposed  to it through second  hand smoke at home.


This Ads from Germany captures this message completely: Secondhand smoke is firsthand death.


This comes as a campaign, ‘Tobacco Kills – Quit Now’, was launched early December in Kenya that seeks to call to end tobacco use, protect lives from second hand smoke exposure and educate the public about the dangers of smoking.

See this article on this discussion as well as this Q/A on effects of smoking.

Picture source: http://www.creativereview.co.uk/feed/february-2014/26/smoking-kids

Other Ads on the effects of smoking include this one:


Who is on the other side?

Internet Safety

Social media and the internet is like a double edged sword. You can use it to stay connected, share ideas and meet new people. But it has also been used to bully, steal, hurt, maim and kill others.

As the picture suggests, you are never too sure who is on the other side of your conversation. You can never be too sure. See this story here about a British national who had been accused of killing his 21-year-old girlfriend whom he met on Facebook.

These Ads were created to inform people in Brazil about the dangers of the internet. Internet Segura.BR is a non profit organization dedicated to raise awareness against pedophilia, identity theft and all other sorts of cyber crimes.

friendship shopping


Photo Source: http://cargocollective.com/gustavonardini/Internet-Segura-br-Safe-Internet