Advert Scribbles

I have a thing for Adverts and Commercials…and they will be in plenty here. This page explains what I look for in adverts in detail.

Adverts are meant to change consumer tastes by ‘Inviting’ them to look at your product once, twice and possible think about picking up your product. Therefore, it should compel one through the use language, creativity, and communication techniques that appeal to consumers.

Adverts are also meant to ‘Inform’ about new and existing products or services they are trying to sell to the public. It is a strategy to grab the attention of potential customers. In that your advert should be able to make your product jump out of a shelf with other products and it becomes, literary, outstanding.

Adverts should also be able to ‘Remind’ you of the brand. Advertising plays up the strong points of a product or service, which in turn adds value to the brand. In effective advertising consumers should be able to identify your brand, conversely, ineffective advertising can push a potential consumer away.

These three components: Invite, Inform and Remind are sole factors I consider when looking at an advert, the launch of a new product and whether I may buy their product or better yet recommend it to someone else.

I begin that Journey of discovery. Oh, you can join me too…send me adverts that you would like my feedback on.

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