A six-year-old child has been battling a chronic kidney disease at Kenyatta National Hospital for nearly two years after her mother abandoned her at the facility.

Everlyne Akoth was diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome and admitted to KNH on December 7, 2014, when she was four years old.

She requires daily dialysis as she awaits a kidney transplant.

However, according to the nurses, the transplant might not happen as her young mother fled after she realised her daughter had a chronic disease, which comes with huge cost implications.

Renal nurse Abijah Kiriba says: “Her uncle and grandmother would come to stay with her then they all left because the condition was too much for them. We understand her mother went back to Homa Bay County and has another child.”

She added: “Her grandfather is in Kibera but he said he is ailing and too frail to take care of Everlyne. Since then, we have been with her here.”

Ms Kiriba said the hospital has tried to speak to the family on modalities of having Eva, as they fondly refer to her, to get a transplant.

via Abandoned girl bravely battles kidney ailment – Daily Nation