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The world’s poor farmers are at the greatest risk when it comes to the negative effects of climate change, Bill Gates said. The Microsoft founder and philanthropist wrote a blog post that warns that inaction on climate change will harm people living at the bottom. And he includes a call-to-action to prevent worst-case scenarios. “Yes, poor farmers have it tough. Their lives are puzzles with so many pieces to get right – from planting the right seeds and using the correct fertilizer to getting training and having a place to sell their harvest. If just one piece falls out of place, their lives can fall apart,” Gates wrote. “I know the world has what it takes to help put those pieces in place for both the challenges they face today and the ones they’ll face tomorrow. Most importantly, I know the farmers do, too.” The call comes at the same time meetings in Bonn, Germany, seek to move forward negotiations for the Paris meeting on climate change. Gates and his foundation are pressing leaders to enact solutions to climate change and put forward the needed money. The Green Climate Fund, a financing mechanism designed to assist developing counties deal with the effects of climate change and reduce emissions, has raised just $10 billion – a long way from its target of $100 billion by 2020.

Source: Climate change hits poor farmers hardest, Bills Gates says – Humanosphere