I wanted to do a similar post, but now that you have 🙂 #PolekwaMwirigi

Here is what i think...

So, while Mexicans were celebrating Cinco de Mayo, Kenya was celebrating something entirely different.

For some, it was Sharon Mundia’s engagement while for some it was the roast of Bobby Mwirigi and we have Currie_Powder to thank (or blame).

For those who do not have the back story, it may all may not fit here, but Sharon is a hot, celebrated fashion blogger (she also works for Capital FM and has a segment called Our2Cents) and Bobby is …a blogger, car enthusiast, Lumia ambassador, BAKE Co-founder (I Think). Currie_Powder is a tweep and lion herder and a respected member of #KOT trolls club and #TeamMafisi (Also great conqueror of Kola Boof). Bobby, allegedly has a huge crush on Sharon and ‘everybody’ knows.

This is how it all started, with a tweet (and I believe a Facebook also) from Sharon about her engagement, which as we would all expect, probably, broke Bobby’s…

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