‘I’m Iris,’ I said, shifting my arm so we weren’t touching.

‘Did you also get a call?’

‘Yes, but it’s weird. I’m struggling to remember what it was about.’

I hoped that my face hid my shock. I’m normally meticulous, I make lists, and now I couldn’t remember a call or find my hand sanitiser. I looked at Adam for answers.

‘What did the person in your call say?’

‘His name was Tok. I think it was something about … did we win something?’

‘I’d remember if it was that.’

‘I can’t remember either.’

I can tell from the knitting of his brows that Adam’s unease is growing too. I wrack my memory trying to remember why I came here. Spectacles turns towards us, holding a finger to his lips. This time I can see his eyes. They are pitch black, and full of fear.

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