“ How’s Kenya? ” People would ask.

Immediately I would shake my head. Not because I wanted to.

“ Well, last year we had the lengthy election situation where the high court had to decide who would be president, then our politicians demanded larger salaries, our airport burnt down, then we watched a saga for days as kilometers away people were brutally shot down in a mall, then we learnt our army looted the mall as they drank tusker beer, our government gave us no answers, then we had bombings on buses, markets and churches, and our police blindly arrested anyone that looked Somali and kept them in a cage, but all the government did was implement a law on drinking and driving, then we had the killings at the coast and blamed it on the opposition and so on and so forth and so it goes. ”

”Friends I met wanted to come visit you, instinctively and strangely I discouraged them.“ Don’t come, at least, not now. ”

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