Self explanatory. To stay alive…buckle up.

Considering the accidents on our roads, this makes a lot of sense. Problem is, most of the Public Service Vehicles have the seat belts BUT nobody straps them on. I must confess I don’t buckle up when inside a matatu/buses despite the neck-braking speeds. Why? Because I think I will be travelling a short distance and its cumbersome. Two, the belts are most times stepped on therefore they are very dirty, soiled in sand, mud and a lot more. Oh, also some of the belts are faulty.

Perhaps, these issues that stop me from buckling up should be used in making an advert for the Kenyan Market and then just juxtapose what it means to have the belt on. That’s a copyrighted idea! 🙂

I am not a totally reckless passenger, I always buckle up in a private car, when travelling to Mombasa and when the belt is clean. This once-in-a-while buckling is certainly not the way to go. Very risky.