That Ice cream…

This Ad shows the link between obesity/weigh gain and ice cream. This, while true, is very problematic for a person who swears on vanilla and chocolate ice-cream. I love ice cream: the flavour, the sugar, the cone, the ice and the cooling effect that comes with eating it. But, at the back of my mind, I am careful not to (over) over indulge. More so as I have dresses to fit into 🙂

But, this Ad opens the bigger picture of weight gain vis a vis sugar and junk eating. I give it up to the French guys for coming up with this below the belt/shirt approach by imposing the layered tummy to the cone. No face, no limbs but the point gets to you. That Ice cream may not be your friend.

I am not sure how manufacturers of ice cream and other sweet food items will think of this Ad. How will they counter this?


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