I am not too bad, maybe a bit, I could be a saint in this church.
I mean, look at Mrs Imboz at the front there, in her flowery dresses. Sweat on her brow, heavy with the Mac foundation.Hiding the dent of a scar her husband ‘graciously’ etched there two years ago. He loves her, she said.

See that one at the choir? That is Mrs Niyao. Pompous in her talk, with an accent from a place I forget, quick to compliment but beneath the smile is a husband snatcher and loves women too.

Flipping through her bible over there is Miss Chimbo, unmarried but searching. She has been searching since I met her. She is the expert of how to keep a marriage by the way.

I sit among them. I see their actions and listen to their words. They say I am a gossip. And that I should come clean. How easy of them to throw that word around. Clean.

This work was developed during the African Women’s Development Fund and Femrite African Women Creative Non-Fiction Writing Workshop in Uganda, July 2014.

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