She twisted the lid and scooped the white cream. Slowly, she pasted it on her forehead, smeared it under her eyes and spread it down her neck. The reflection on the mirror showed a fair and smooth face touched by dark finger knuckles. The tiny joints were darker, dryer and wrinkled.

She scooped some more of the lotion, and rubbed hard in circular motions on the dark fingers, as if with each rub, melanin would get the message and sink deeper down her skin.

She re-read the tin label, ‘guaranteed super bleaching in a week.’

It has been a month.

Words: 100

This work was developed during the African Women’s Development Fund and Femrite African Women Creative Non-Fiction Writing Workshop in Uganda, July 2014.


I stumbled upon this short animation called Yellow Fever by @NgendoMukii that totally highlight my thoughts above.

Bleached-Yellow FeverWatch it and let me know what you think on it. Here are her words on it:

“In my film, I focus on African women’s self-image, through memories and interviews; using mixed media to describe this almost schizophrenic self-visualization that I and many others have grown up with.”