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Aromat this. Aromat that. Indeed, Aromat has found the perfect way to get into Kenya’s conversations, jokes and maybe politics. It is just a matter of when.

To start us off, The ad implies that food is simply ‘ordinary’ and bordering ‘stupid (ity)’ but with Aromat, a food additive/flavour, it becames amazing and well, intelligent.


This Ad has, in less than a minute, personified meals…given them a voice, an IQ and made trends on social media.

Aromat has undeniably gotten publicity from all fronts and they should, if they are not yet, be refilling their shelves with new stock.It has evoked emotions and generated conversation.

They have ruffled part of their market segment (especially moms) with their use of words. Their diction.

The use of the ‘stupid’ in the ad.

This particular Facebook post was very interesting:


And this blogger wrote, “As we raise our kids, one of the greatest lessons we teach them is how to address people with respect. We tell them to use the right language as they talk to others. We tell them not to use inappropriate words. The way I know it, the word ‘stupid’ falls in the category of words not to be used in any conversation –whether by an adult or a child. Teachers and religious leaders (such as Sunday school teachers) help us reinforce some of these lessons.”

Indeed, similar thoughts are shared on a Facebook page called, “Parents Against Aromat’s ‘Chips are Stupid’ Advert.

While, I am somewhat indifferent about the word ‘stupid’ as I have heard it over and over all around me, I think the advert with its creative approach of a spinning plate of chips (that will certainly have children hooked…or anyone glued to the ad for that matter) is also sending their ‘chips are stupid‘ message and use of the word to children.

Especially considering the ad runs during general viewing and at prime time.

The Blogger further adds: “To the people over at Knorr, I can tell you for a fact that many mothers are terribly upset by that ad, and it has left a bitter taste in their mouths (pun very much intended)…I heard somebody argue that the use of the word ‘stupid’ in that ad was not meant in a bad way, that it meant ‘stupid in a good way’. I still have no idea what good stupid means.

Kenyans on Social media said:

Aromat 2

Aromat 3

It has been said that ‘the end justifies the means’, that hey, if Aromat has sparked conversation about its product and as shoppers are picking stuff at a supermarket when they get to the Aromat section…they just might pick up the product..out of curiosity and interest to know if indeed their ‘dull’ chips, eggs and githeri will get a face lift.

Now, would the products sale? YES and NO.

Yes, it would sell to the curious first time buyers, to those who were enticed by the advert as well as their long time customers.

I am afraid it may not sell to especially parents who were offended by the language use. Take this comment for instance, the reader said, “I am yet a mum, but i WILL NOT buy the product thanks to the language….maybe the advertisers r from a background of using foul language, such that the ‘stupid’ word is probably the most polite they would think of…..I imagine the havoc they think they are causing when kids refuse to eat and so the product has to be bought….well, i would not buy it….and would warn my children (when they come), that that man needs to be prayed for.

But then again, there is rhetoric where people say this and do that. As Kenyans on Twitter are loosely using the term, BUTWITHAROMAT and it does not necessarily mean that they may actually buy the product.

Perhaps, Aromat could contact me for ideas 🙂 that would prompt Kenyans On Twitter (#KOT) to ummm…buy aromat.

Nonetheless, with all the thoughts in mind, Aromat managed to ‘Invite’ me to to look at their product and I remember frantically hoping to catch the ad following the buzz around it. When I saw it I was ‘Informed’ about aromat in the market and that I should pick them instead of the other food additives. With each ad, I was also ‘Reminded’ of the brand and I must admit the ‘negative’ publicity has worked in the products favour.

Here is the video of the ad.

What do you think of the product? Drop me a comment below or an email (kalundethescribe@gmail.com).