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Advertising Scribbles #02

Moving out of home is a scary experience for most people. But to some, it is a chance to be independent and everything that comes with independence.

I know, we know of friend, cousins or we ourselves have one time been looking at the prospects of moving out of home and the rent, electricity, water and other bills have made us reconsider our choice.

It is this dilemma that confronts many and perhaps was the idea behind coming up with the advert: Utahama Lini.

Utahama Lini

Basically, is about ‘Junior’ who is 35 and still resides in his parents’ house. He has a brush with his ‘mom’ on several occasions such as he brings a date over and when asked who the mother is, he says it the house help a.k.a mboch in Nairobi terms. So as he is making his guest comfortable the mom shows up and of course their date comes crumbling to the dismay and embarrassment of Junior. In another instance, we see Junior preparing to go out for the night and the mom, yet again tells him that her doors will be locked by 10 pm so in the event that Junior shows up after the curfew he will have to find an alternative sleeping area…this episode ends with him coming home way past 10 pm and fades with him knocking for the door to be opened for him while their dog is in a kernel trying to catch its sleep.

This TV adverts sought to help people own their homes and thus move out of home. To be part of the potential home owners, one needed to get a copy od the Daily Nation newspaper. Which would have a part their dream house.

The challenge would be to assemble all five pieces and place them in an entry form in the Saturday newspaper, dropping the entries either at Nation House or in the Utahama bins placed in participating supermarkets country wide.

A draw was held every two weeks and a winner announced.

I would always look out for it not just to know how I can get myself a house but also for the humor and creativity employed in the advert. It invited me to participate as a person who just started working and is on the look out for an investment. Knowing that buying the daily newspaper is an inch closer to ‘winning’ a house complete with a borehole and other amenities, I bought the newspaper religiously.

Of course, I did not win the give-away houses otherwise this post would have started with those great news 🙂 Anyway, there were several people who won and the advert achieved its objectives of not only inviting, informing about the house challenge and reminding readers which newspaper to consider if they hope to win, say, a house.

Indeed, for these people who won, moved out…soon after accepting the “Utahama Lini?” challenge.

Or what do you think?