Not so “Top” Security

Advertising Scribbles #01

The Westgate Attack is something that most of us, at least me, wants to put behind. As we lost friends, family and to others, businesses and jobs. However, for some people, this provided a marketing strategy cum advertising angle that they did not want to miss out on.

Top Security 2

I stumbled on this advert in a local daily, a few months after the traumatizing attack. Basically, this advert as you can see from the photo, had pictures of doors that were said to have been at Westgate. The doors have bullet holes and the locks look like they were tampered with but because they were pictured as closed, we assume no one broke in.

Seeing this advert, the first thing I thought was: this is in very bad taste. While I applaud their idea of banking in how secure their locks were, it is insensitive especially if someone had a relative or was holed in in the building and God forbid, were locked behind the doors but because of the doors they would not be accessed. However, for businesses that had these doors, their property was secure, hopefully.

Indeed, this advert has a message of durability and it being The ‘Top’Security but the language used in the advert is very wanting that send a pretty confusing message.

For instance, right after the pictures of the doors, the word: AMAZING! is used. And the phrases “GET SECURED BY THE SUPERLATIVE DOORS FROM ISRAEL”. This is very confusing as there are several sentences in the advert that rather than support the advert, they are creating noise.

Curiously, I want to know who took these photos…yes, I know its crazy but doesn’t it make you wonder if the door provider has an after sale service that follows up on their customers (if they were the one who took it) or very enthusiastic customers (who get back to the company with such “Amazing” news?

Anyway, I refer to my 3 elements of weighing an advert: Invite, Inform and Remind.

In the end, was I Invited to get their doors and lock system? No. Especially not with an advert that makes you scared, panicky and back to September 21st behind our television screens and hoping that the gun shots we are hearing are not real. If done better, with a totally different angle, I would probably consider buying the doors and installing their locks that promise a “SAFE HEAVEN” considering the rising insecurity.

Did it Inform me about their product?  Yes it did as it grabbed my attention but not for so long as to take their number and call them to discuss business.

Lastly, did it Remind me of the brand. Well half-way but the advert did not add value to their brand, if anything it snatched any that it had. As a potential customer I was pushed away.

And I know this is not what they intended.

What do you think?


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